• Stainless steel tank

    Stainless steel tank

    Wuxi Innovate Machinery Development Co., Ltd. Specializes in producing a variety of toothpaste storage tanks, cream storage tanks, liquid storage tanks, stainless steel mobile storage tanks, and pull cylinders. We can provide non-standard customized service, Our machines achieve sanitary standards, and suitable for medicines, food, cosmetics and other industries.
  • Reverse Osmosis Treatment Equipment

    Reverse Osmosis Treatment Equipment

    Reverse Osmosis Process: Raw water→Raw water pump→Multi-media filter→ Active carbon filter→Water softener(optional)→Precision filter→High pressure pump→Primary reverse osmosis→PH adjustment→Water purification tank→ Water pump→Pasteurization→Microporous filter→Water outlet. Secondary Reverse Osmosis Process: Raw water→Raw water pump→Multi-media filter→Active carbon filter→Water softener(optional)→Precision filter→High pressure pump→Primary reverse osmosis→PH adjustment→Water tank→ Secondary re...
  • Vacuum Emulsifying Unguent Machine

    Vacuum Emulsifying Unguent Machine

    Composition: The vacuum emulsifying unguent machine is mainly composed of main pot, water pot, oil pot, filler bin, mixing system, cooling system, vacuum system, jacking system, contrl system and rack platform. Quality assurance: One year warranty. Life long service. Engineer available to service abroad. Working Principle: The liquid raw materials are first pre-resolved and dispersed in water pot and oil pot, then got into the emulsification boiler by the vacuum pump; powder lots are in the f...
  • Perfume Freezing Filter

    Perfume Freezing Filter

    This product is the newly developed professional lotion, perfume, etc. by our company to clarify and filter the liquid after freezing; it is the ideal equipment for the cosmetics factory to filter the lotion and perfume. The material of this product is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel, and the pneumatic diaphragm pump imported from the United States is used as the pressure source for positive pressure filtration. The connecting pipeline adopts sanitary polished...
  • Tube Internal Heating Filling and Sealing Machine

    Tube Internal Heating Filling and Sealing Machine

    Tube internal heating filling and sealing machine uses composite hose and plastic hose as container, with hot air heating and sealing. All the process is controlled by PLC and displayed by touch screen.
    Tube direction positioning, photoelectric servo motor control;
    16station automatic rotary, filling fast, accurate measurement;
    Digital high-speed filling volume regulator, easy to adjust measurement;
    Imported hot air within the heating device, sealed tail aesthetic and firm;
    Optional according to different materials: hooper heating system, anti-drawing filling heads.
  • shampoo filling and capping machine

    shampoo filling and capping machine

    Equipment List and Quotation No. Name Quantity Function Unit Price Total Remarks 1 Manual bottle turntable 1 Manually insert the bottle into the empty bottle holder $4,055.00 $4,055.00 Bottle holder right in and left out 2 GF16 / 5 Rotary Piston Filling and Capping Machine 1 16-head piston filling machine;5-head capping operation. $54,765.00 $54,765.00 Cylinder hanging type, cam drive, international advanced cylinder valve integrated struct...
  • Semi-automatic tube filling and sealing machine

    Semi-automatic tube filling and sealing machine

    This product is a dual-purpose filling machine for paste and liquid, designed for use in anti-riot units.The machine is applicable for the quantitative filling of water, oil, emulsion and paste-like material. The work table can be lifted according to the filling demand. Feeding method: ordinary gravity/automatic suction-type Control: electric control/pneumatic control Filling volume: 5-1000ml, which is divided into 6 series A, B, C, D, E, F. 1. Structural features: This product uses a plug-in...
  • Packaging Production Line

    Packaging Production Line

    1. Fully automatic unscrambler Introduction: Fully automatic unscrambler can make the piled bottle into order, and can transfer the bottle to the conveyor one by one, and then the bottle reversing device turn the bottle into one direction and take them into filling area. Main technical parameters: Yield capacity: 60-120 bottles/min Application: round plastic bottle 10ml-100ml Power: 340w Compressed air: 3-5kg/m³ Dimension (mm): 960*960*1140 Weight: 450kg 2. Cylinder type ultrasonic washi...
  • filling and capping line

    filling and capping line

    Perfume filling and capping line Model 4 nozzles Bottle Height ≤250mm Maximum diameter of the bottle mouth ≤Φ35mm Minimum diameter ≤Φ4.5mm Adjustable liquid level (away from the bottle mouth) 15-50mm Dimensions (excluding liquid bottles)(L*W*H) 660*470*1330mm Adaptive ambient temperature 0-30℃ Pumping speed 5.5L/s Pneumatic perfume capping machine     This machine adopts full pneumatic control, which is especially suitable for the mou...
  • Fuel mixed with water phacoemulsification burning energy-saving equipment

    Fuel mixed with water phacoemulsification burning energy-saving equipment

    Fluid ultrasonic emulsification technique is widely used, we have used to cosmetics, batteries pulp, wine, oil, heavy oil industry.The following describes the roleofultrasoundintheheavyoil.Forreference. If you have a need, please provide more detailed parameters and requirements, wewillgiveyouasatisfactory solution. Thankyou! Fuelmixedwithwaterphacoemulsificationburningenergy-savingequipment Energy-saving and environmental protection, has been the world’s attention and researchtopics. A...
  • liquid detergent agitator

    liquid detergent agitator

    Formation: Innovate’s Liquid Detergent Agitator Series is composed of Main pot, stirring system, heating system, vacuum system, control system and rack platform, etc. Application: The agitator is suitable for the mixing, dissolving and homogenizing of different viscous liquids. The mixing system is equipped with unidirectional or bidirectional wall-scraping agitator and frequency control. The main pot could be heated and cooled as required. The machine is appropriate for industries like liqui...
  • Vacuum Emulsifying  Mixer

    Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

    Configuration: Innovate’s RH Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Series is composed of emulsification boiler(fluctuating cover, overturn kettle form or outside circle form), water boiler, oil boiler, vacuum system, heating and temperature control systems, cooling systems, electric machinery control systems. Ect. Work principle: After heating & mixing the materials in the water boiler and oil boiler, inhalated it into the emulsification boiler by the vacuum pump, make it mix and downflow to the homog...
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